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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Arts and Sciences Social Media Guide

Social Media Resources

Sprout Social has suggested guidelines for images in social media posts for a number of common networks.

Please take note of these size guidelines for images in regards to social media.

If you're looking for a visual cheat sheet on social media sizes, check out this graphic on 2019 Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet.

Social Media Guidelines

Please refer to this guideline when creating social media strategies. Have questions? Email Kayla Bosco at

Best Practices

The do's and don't's:


Consider these questions as you plan and evaluate:

  1. What are your unit’s goals? What does success look like?
    1. How will social media help to reach those goals?
    2. How will social media be integrated into your existing strategies?
    3. How will you track and measure your efforts?
  2. Who is your target audience?
    1. What do you want them to do or to know?
    2. What are their interests, demographics and relationship with your unit?
  3. What is your content plan?
    1. What types of content will you share? (articles, photos, graphics, videos, etc.)
    2. What information is most relevant to your audiences and the unit? Prioritize this content and eliminate superfluous information.
    3. How will you make the account social? How will you generate interaction?
    4. How often will you post?
    5. How much time will be spent on content and social media?
    6. Who will do the work?
  4. How will you monitor the account(s) and engage your audience(s)?
    1. How often will you monitor the account?
    2. When and how often will you engage with followers?
    3. Who will do the work?
  5. Which social media platform(s) are the best choice(s)?
    1. Which platform(s) do your audiences already use?
    2. Which platform(s) will best showcase your content?
    3. Which platform(s) align with your unit’s goals?
    4. Will the account(s) duplicate other efforts or segment audiences?
    5. Is there another unit or account with similar goals, audiences and/or content that you could partner with?
  6. Is your plan sustainable?
    1. Will your plan endure over the long-term? How?
    2. Will the plan be effective if the leader of this effort leaves the University?
    3. When and how often will you evaluate and measure your efforts?
    4. When and how often will you update the plan?

For more information on social media best practices and planning, visit: Syracuse University Social Media.